Extremity MRI at the Foot & Ankle Institute

MRI_MachineThe C-Scan™ extremity MRI system is the ideal solution for you. This dedicated extremity MRI system is the most cost effective system available without compromising image quality. The C-Scan brings many benefits to both the doctor and the patient. Scanning, assessments, and results are accomplished much quicker than with a traditional hospital MRI.

  • Immediate, high quality full field-of-view imaging expedites diagnosis and treatment
  • Compact design that allows patients to sit comfortably outside the machine while being scanned
  • Preprogrammed protocols that simplify and speed up examination procedures
  • Extremely fast turnaround time from the radiologist allowing the doctor to assess your results faster
  • Scheduling within 3-5 days, not weeks, and sometimes even faster depending on insurance.

Come see Us

MRI_ImageIf you think you might need an MRI on your foot or ankle, please schedule an appointment with one of our doctors at (435) 628-2671 or email us at info@feetnet.com

(Adjacent picture is for demonstation purposes only. MRIs at the Foot & Ankle Institute are only done on the Foot or Ankle.)